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Andaman Trip can sometimes get daunting because of so many things happening across Andaman Tours. Hundreds of people offer Andaman Tour Packages. How will you know what is best during your trip? Well, do cheapest tours to Andaman actually means its cheapest? Well, trust us this page has it all and this page will give you an overview as how to plan your Andaman Trip. To begin with, we recommend you to

Identify 3 Most Important Things for your Trip:

Before we land into the top 3 points. We recommend you to check the flight tickets. Flight tickets usually gets expensive as the date of travel approaches near. Book your flight tickets as early as possible. Suggested time is 72-90 Days in advance. If you are not finding cheap tickets during your travel date then put an alert in This website will give you regular updates about the price for your travel dates. The second option is to consult local travel companies in Andaman who does group flight bookings. These companies have better deals on the flight tickets as they purchase some tickets in advance for a group. Now lets begin.

Things you need to identify

  • Destination and Attractions you prefer to visit. Described in detail below.
  • Things you wish to do in Andaman Islands
  • Number of Days you plan to visit, do not plan just 3-4 days. It is too less time to visit this exotic destination. However, if you have a time constraint then consider a combination of 2 Nights Port Blair and 1 Night Havelock Island atleast.
  • Expected Budget. Every one has a limit.


  • Some prefer everything.
  • Some prefer a relaxed trip not bothered about where they go and what they do. Just don’t want any overhead.
  • Some are more inclined towards “Dude, what are the cheapest things to do? or how to reduce my trip cost”.
  • Some for Honeymoon, Business meets, Group tour, MICE etc…

Now, considering all these factors this is what we at Experience Andamans try to achieve. Irrespective of what your budget is, what your preferences are, what your feedback for a particular destination is or what your inner self feel is correct. An unbiased review about a particular hotel, resort, activity or restaurant is what we recommend to travellers to help plan their trip in a better way.

Where do most people visit?

Most of the travellers who visit Andaman Islands, visit Port Blair (The Capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands), Havelock Island(Known for its beach resorts and amazing water activities) and Neil Island (Scenic Island with very little crowd and lots of open space). Now, those who come for longer duration visit Middle Andaman, this includes Baratang Island and Rangat, and North Andaman, known for its turtle nesting grounds and twin island Ross and Smith. In addition, some offbeat travelers visit Long Island and Little Andaman as well. Seen below is the map of the Andaman Islands that will give you an idea about the islands.

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